Review: The Shoemoney Network

I couple of days ago I got an email advertising the Shoemoney network and in it Jeremy Schoemaker said he was frustrated that he had sold many “how to make money online” products and even though the content was good very few people every logged in and did anything.

He decided that not only would he provide a free course but he would actually pay people for accomplishing tasks as they learned new skills.  I signed up.  More because I was curious to see what his angle was than anything else.  The first task was drop dead simple.  It consisted of simply sharing an image on Facebook. As soon as I got that first share a dollar was sent to my Paypal account and yet I never paid him anything.  

Then I continued and went through the course now setting up my website.  Then installing a theme,  then installing plugins, etc etc.  By the end of the 2nd level he send me $3.  The course continued and I was hooked.  I learnt more in a day than I had in a year of struggling by myself.

Jeremy not only walks you through setting up everything step by step (and paying you as you accomplish the tasks,  but also makes it fun awarding you belts like a karate system.

By the time I received my black belt I was sent $15.


But while the money was fun and kept me going,  at the end I had a great blog with all the key plugins.  A decked out Facebook page and a email newsletter.

Because everything is broken down into bite sized pieces it never feels as though too much information is being given all in one go.  It is easy to take it all at your own pace and at the end of the course you have something of real value.

Again I never paid him $1.  I kept waiting to see the trick but there truly is none.

If you seem skeptical give it a try it and when you make your first dollar in five minutes you will be as hooked as me.   I just want to say thank you Jeremy.  Click here to register.

Once you have signed up, if you are concerned about getting that first Facebook share that lets you onto the rest of the course just leave me your details in the comments and I’ll come and share your post.

Living on a Pension in Retirement

I am so pleased to be able to talk to you about how affordable life in retirement can be if you have indulged in retirement planning before ending the 9-5.   Most of us have plans and retirement wishes but have not thought through how to make those ideas a reality.  Or we have looked at a retirement calculator or savings calculator or thought retirement is too expensive to be considered.

I retired at age 50 and have never regreted giving up the day job.  My time is my own and my income reflects my effort.  Life in retirement can be fun, can be enjoyable and can be profitable.

I want to share with you all how I do it so that you can also do the same.